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Hair, hair everywhere! Help remove your fur ball's loose hair with our convenient Three-in-One Pet Grooming Tool. The unique design features a stainless steel de-shedder brush and rake brush in one to making grooming your cat or dog quick and easy. Pets will love the invigorating feeling of a good scratching, and you'll love the soft and shiny results.

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Two-in-One Pet Grooming Tool Features:

  • Measures approx. 8"L x 3"W

  • Non-slip, ergonomically designed handle

  • Helps remove undercoat and loose hair

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Press Release. November news

Editors' Choice

CatChannel Exclusive - CAT FANCY Editors' Choice
Love2Pet is one of the CAT FANCY editors' favorite products of 2008.
Meet the Editors...

Editor Susan Logan (front left) lives in Irvine, Calif., with a Ragdoll named Chloe and a Tonkinese named Chamois.  She first fell in love with cats at age 5 and loves that her career centers around these amazing creatures.

Managing Editor Sandy Meyer (front right) has lived with cats since her first calico, Fluffy, at the tender age of 5.  Now she shares her Lake Forest, Calif., home with a Manx-mix anemd Tripper, and her first book about cats "Kittens:  A Guide to Caring for Your Kitten," came out this year.

Associate Web Editor Laura Lee Bloor
(back left) has two cats, Mrs. Bigglesworth and Hannie, who chose to stay in Ohio to keep her mother company.  Laura Lee lives in San Clemente, Calif., and loves working on our newly launched

Assistant Editor Lindsay Hanks (back right) lives in Laguna Niguel, Calif., and is looking forward to adding a new cat to her household because her sister took Zoe, the family cat, with her when she moved  More info..

Press Release. September news

Binghamton, NY – September 22, 2007 - R.F. Enterprises has introduced a new grooming tool for both dogs and cats that combines both a stainless steel de-shedding brush with a rake brush. Both brushes are incorporated into the unit; to change brushes, users need only flip over the Love2Pet tool.

Love2Pet is specially designed to remove coat hair without breaking it. The de-shedding brush grabs and removes loose undercoat hair while cutting it and the rake brush quickly and safely removes any remaining hair. The result is a smoother, healthier coat for any pet.

Love2Pet features a special rubber handle that is designed to fit comfortably in the pet owner’s hand. The unique design of the handle, plus the fact that Love2Pet combines two brushes, means that users can groom their pets more easily and with less brush strokes.

Love2Pet can be used on dogs and cats of all sizes. It is particularly beneficial for dogs with undercoats and can help reduce the chance of feline hairballs and the associated health products. Tests show that Love2Pet removes as much as 95% of loose pet hair. It is recommended that owners use the rake weekly and the de-shedding once every six to eight weeks.

Love2Pet is available online at store It also will be featured in many exibitions and malls in USA.Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $30.00  Contact us

Binghamton, NY – September 25, 2007

A California pet lover has founded an internet radio station designed to ease the lives of lonely dogs and cats around the world. Listen

Styled as "the radio station all pets prefer", goes out live 17 hours each day from a van in the car park of a Los Angeles recording studio.

DJs speak to pets directly, and ask "pet parents" to send in pictures.

Founder Adrian Martinez, 34, says the station aims to keep pets company while their "parents" head out to work.

DogCatRadio's daily play list ranges from the soothing sounds of wispy Irish singer Enya to Elvis Presley's classic anthem, Hound Dog.

In between tracks, Mr Martinez and his fellow DJs offer practical advice to pet owners, plus a liberal sprinkling of the station's signature sound - barks and miaows.

Housebound hounds chewing their way through the family furniture come in for an occasional ribbing.

Happy pets

Mr Martinez, an independent record producer, hopes that many of his audience will be listening in while at home alone, albeit with a little help from their human friends.

"My cat, Snickers, asked me to do it," Mr Martinez told the New York Times.

Faced with a nervous, restless cat at home one day, Mr Martinez discovered that Snickers calmed down almost as soon as he turned up the background music a little.

Quickly realising how happy Snickers was with a regular slice of 1980s rock, Mr Martinez set up DogCatRadio to spread the message.

"I wanted to do something for the pet community," he said.

The station, which claims 8,000 listeners each week through its website, currently makes no money.

But the US pet industry is worth an estimated $35bn (£19.7bn) annually, and Mr Martinez eventually hopes to attract advertising.

Listen to Radio

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  09 reviews Average Rating 4.1  
LOVE IT (Bonnie, MO)
I have a Main Coon cat this brush is great. He loves to be brushedbut even more now.
LOVE IT (Kathy, OH)
Got my grooming tool the other day and first used it on my son's lab mix Nomex. She's a medium shedder and I was amazed with how beautiful her coat looked after one use. Yesterday I used it on my little dog Gizmo. She is 8 yrs old and has always hated being brushed or combed, so I would usually just trim and bathe her. Well, I used the 2 in 1 grooming tool on her, and couldn't believe how well she sat. She actually seemed to enjoy it. I can only guessed that it felt good to her. It took out all her undercoat and she looked so much better when we were done. The tool seems to be made well and I would suggest to the people who got a defective one, send it back and try another one. I truly am impressed. With having 2 dogs and my other son just getting a puppy, I plan to buy another one. LOVE IT!
Overpriced but effective!
Just used it for the first time. My cat was happy to be brushed very gently and I was amazed at how much hair was removed and how easy it was to remove the hair from the brush.
This is the best thing ever! (Kitty Lover, CA)
We have an indoor cat so we have to brush him regularly, about once a day. But when we got this grooming tool, we were able to take off so much more hair! He loves to be brushed with this too. He sheds a lot less and his coat is shinier and so soft now!
This is excellent for cats (Susan, MN)
I have two cats. One loves to be brushed but my second cat would only tolerate three or four stokes by a brush and then she would be done. With this tool she will sit still and allow me to brush her as long as I want too. This tool will astound you with the amount of hair that you'll be able to remove and your pets will thank you.
Better than most (Love animals, NH)
I saw this on TV and couldn't get over the amount of hair this brush was able to remove. Well it does. I have 2 cats and 1 dog and it works for all of them. I read the reviews and thought I would take a chance and try it out myself. One of the customers reported that you might want to take your pet outside when doing this. Good advice, it's amazing the amount of fur that I was able to remove. I purchased this in hopes to remove the amount of shedding hair I have in my house and how much to clean up on a daily basis. Plus my boyfriend, bless his heart, is allergic. So this has helped with his allergies and my cleanup after the animals. They fight over being brushed and they never liked it before so I'm quite pleased.
My cats received their groomer today and I tried it on one of them. Wonderful and he purred through the entire grooming! I'm very pleased with its results and the fact that he didn't object to being
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